Astronomer, studied physics and history of science, and graduated in both subjects as well as didactics of physics and astronomy at the universities of Potsdam, Hamburg, Berlin, and Siegen, Germany. She taught (physics and astronomy) at the Universities of Potsdam and Hildesheim, has been in charge for observatories and planetariums in Germany, Portugal, and Austria and additionally taught astronomy as freelancer in Germany, Russia, and Mauretania. Research fields concern physics and astronomy as well as their history, especially the history of cartography, of constellations and several topics in astrophysics.

Working Experience

Astronomy from Prehistoric to Contemporary times, e.g.:

  • outreach: planetarium edutainment development,
  • computations: prehistoric astronomy, development of celestial maps,
  • visualizations, development of educational material
  • development of timetables and schedules,
    project management
  • editor of books and papers/ writing oral history and scientific journalism